Michele Schuler - Lucky Lady

Artist: Michele Schuler
Materials: sterling silver, brass, copper
Size: 8 3/4
Dimensions: height - 55.80mm, width - 31.00mm

Artist Statement:
My inspiration for this ”Lucky lady” ring came from my childhood. My Dad had three slot machines hidden in our basement (that were my uncle’s). Being the youngest of seven children, it took a while for the word to get to me.
I couldn’t resist playing them, even though I knew I wasn’t supposed to. I would take my allowance, sneak down to the basement, put a dime in the machine, and pull the handle. It was so exciting. I was lucky and usually won the jackpot! I would then take my winnings to the local grocery store for my load of candy. That’s when I got caught! My brother worked there, saw the silver dimes, and new exactly where they came from. It was great fun while it lasted. I now have a mini slot machine in my studio, which was also instrumental to creating my design.

Artist Bio:
I like to keep exploring new avenues of artistic form in metal work. The methodical process of developing my creations is so uplifting to me. Watching my jewelry come to life, then seeing someone enjoy it is very rewarding. When I started making jewelry I had a mentor who taught me what she had learned through her formal classes. I practiced on my own for years and later took some classes also. From my immersion, I have found more passion and it excites me that the connection between subject and process is limitless. I love most facets of jewelry making including sawing, riveting, and stone setting.
Michele Schuler http://www.Etsy.com/shop/MicheleJSDesigns

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