Naomi Zarch - What The Forest Reveals

Artist: Naomi  Zarch
Materials: sterling silver, brass, aquamarine, rutilated quartz
Size: 7
Dimensions: 1.25" high, .75" band width

Artist Statement:
My vision was to create a sense of being encompassed in the canopy of a magical forest, and as your pulled deeper into its mystique it starts revealing gifts of whimsy & light to lead you along its leafy path to whatever magic you may discover. With the flip of a latch you find a trinket of sky blue & water to remind you of the ease & flow of trusting your direction, and then another lending its silvery brightness to light your way in the dark & a glowing golden star to help guide you when needed.
The keeper ring is adjustable from a size 6 to 8.
The Aquamarine ring is a size 7.
The brass orb band is size 6.25.
I made a variation in sizes so that they could be worn on different fingers on different hands at the same time, or they can be held in the keeper ring & worn as a single piece.

Artist Bio:
Hello! I'm Naomi, technically a third generation jeweler, with fond childhood memories of spending time with my Dad & Grandpa at their downtown Chicago jewelry shop (though only in the past couple years have I really delved into this jewelry making journey). Since those days I've moved around a bit & traveled a bunch, landing more recently in Sacramento, Ca. I feel I gather my inspiration through my lifetime of travel & experiences pulling together my musings from the classic push & pull between nature, man & the unknown. I like to play with the juxtaposition of light & dark, both figuratively & literally. Metalwork has become my main outlet of artistic expression these past few years & I hope to continue excavating my creative vision through further exploration in metalsmithing.

This ring is part of Battle of the Rings: Ring Smackdown 2021, an online exhibition and competition. Shop the entire collection HERE, view the matches HERE, and learn more HERE.