Rocky G. Hedstrom - Sentinel

Artist: Rocky G. Hedstrom
Materials: Argentium silver, titanium, peridot, amethyst, rhodolite garnet, alamandine garnet, citrine
Size: 10
Dimensions: overall height 26mm, oval top 36mm x 26mm x 4mm, band width is 7.5mm bottom to 13.5mm at the top

Artist Statement:
This is a great statement ring. It is comfortable and fits well on index and middle fingers. With a rainbow of color, it relates to the grand vistas of the American south west. The top oval is styled after Navajo "Concho belts". The image of the bird atop a tree overlooking valley is stamped into titanium sheet with the use of a steel die carved by the artist. The side of the band are clad with a textured titanium and show various petroglyph like images. In its title "Sentinel," this ring evokes strength and contemplation of our relationship to the vast world we live in.

Artist Bio:
I grew up in the land of 10k lakes amid farms and trees. I've spent many quite hours focused on how things work together, contemplating and acting on the question "what would happen if...?" I guess one could describe me as a "rogue engineer gone artist." The most enjoyable and simple things I've done and made where little medieval swords- cold forged from nails, hand filed and finished with thread wrapped handles when I was 10 and 11 years old. Since then, things have gotten more complicated. I've been working as a jeweler and metal smith for 25years. I started with two applications, one for a production jeweler and one for a studio assistant. I'm thankful the studio assistant position set the course-the other place didn't hire me. I worked for a while with Jim Cotter in Vail, and Ross Andrews in Aspen, worked for myself, married and raising a family. I now work for Green Lake Jewelry Works. For me, it has been a good balance between "what's new" and "restore the old."

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