Sara Akl - My Butterfly Nebula

Artist: Sara Akl 
Materials: sterling silver, Argentium silver, natural rose-cut garnet
Size: 7
Dimensions:  L: 2.2" - W: 1.5" - Height including band: 1.2" - Band width: 0.4"

Artist Statement:
This ring is inspired by the aesthetic & symbolism of the Butterfly Nebula (NGC 6302), originating at a tilted angle & having a wingspan of 3 light years. I made the elements of this kinetic ring with 32 individually sawed and soldered, ascending layers. The butterfly image is an analogy for patience, time, and transformation and I love to portray that. The wings spin around a fiery, red Garnet. It symbolizes its central star that is one of the hottest known. The movements and imagery in space has always inspired me, and this is one of my odes to the intricacy & mystery of our Universe, where the sublime scenery of the Earth is mirrored in an awe inspiring scale.

Artist Bio:
I'm Sara E. Akl and I handcraft poetic and meaningful jewelry in my home studio in France. There are many languages used to express art, I chose metal & enamel because they fascinate me and these mediums have so much room for exploration and expression. I’m very passionate about creating designs that are personal and poetic. It’s a chance to contribute something new to the world, and inspire thoughts and emotions. This allows for a beautiful kind of connection with other people.

I studied English and American Literature in The University of Arts in Alexandria and completed my BA degree. Growing up in Alexandria and studying literature, nurtured my love for History, Philosophy, Astronomy and Art. You'll see most of the elements present in my jewelry with these inspirations.

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