Shira Brown - The Phoenix

Artist: Shira Brown 
Materials: sterling silver, 18 karat gold
Size: 7.75
Dimensions: 30mm tall; 8mm band width; featured form is 20mmx30mm

Artist Statement:
This ring is named for the Phoenix of ancient mythology. The Phoenix was a long-lived, majestic bird that was said to cyclically regenerate and be born again. At the end of a millennium, she sang her last song. The sun god listened and sent down a spark. The Phoenix died in a magnificent show of flame and combustion, filling with new life as she rose from the ashes of her predecessor.

This ring was born out of process and represents recreation. The Phoenix began as a different ring. Its predecessor was quite beautiful and near completion when the components literally and conceptually fell apart. I was moved by the idea of rebuilding from what was, using a flame to melt down the gold and creating a sculptural, interlocking element from the band. The sweeping form represents the flight of the Phoenix in her rebirth. 26 rivets were added to symbolize the strength in rebuilding after hardship. The gold granule is a hint of what came before and also represents hope in what lies ahead.

Artist Bio:
Art has forever been a fiery passion in my life. I am a pediatrician by day and mostly self-taught metalsmith by the early morning hours. I enjoy exploring the properties of precious metals through experimentation and creating mixed metal and upcycled art pieces that are sculptural, out of the ordinary, a bit industrial and always wearable. My work is most always born out of process and often carries metaphorical meaning. I believe deeply in personal growth, allowing my work to evolve and giving back to the community. I live with my husband and three children outside of Boston.

This ring is part of Battle of the Rings: Ring Smackdown 2021, an online exhibition and competition. Shop the entire collection HERE, view the matches HERE, and learn more HERE.