BATTLE of the RINGS 2020 Show Catalog

Battle of the Rings 2020

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In April 2020, during the early days of a global pandemic, Danaca Design Studio launched a, juried ring competition: BATTLE of the RINGS, also known as The Ring Smackdown 2020. It was a virtual head-to-head, tournament style, single-elimination competition and event with a top prize of $500.

At a time when most of the world was in lockdown and our social lives were restricted to zoom, 128 artists from across the country and globe enthusiastically responded to our call. Anika Smulovitz and Andy Cooperman juried 64 rings into the final competition and drafted the contenders into two teams, The Shanks and The Mandrels. Then the real fun began.

This 78-page, full color catalog documents The Ring Smackdown 2020 in all of its glory. The 64 rings are shown from three angles along-side the original statement from each artist. Inside you will find a guide to the bracketed competition structure and tributes to the days of nation-wide demonstrations, events that directly affected every American and the competition itself.

One Ring to Rule Them All; May the Best Ring Win!

Exhibition catalogues will ship in late January, 2021.