Clara Schmitt

Growing up in Paris, my mother took my sister and me to museums and exhibitions on Wednesday afternoons. We especially loved going to the Musée de la Mode and the Musée des Arts Décoratifs to explore their costume sections. We were inspired and we usually spent the rest of the afternoon dreaming, drawing, and designing extraordinary outfits and jewelry. My designs for Maison Daviel still seek to achieve that bold elegance that fired my imagination as a little girl!

I started my professional life as a social scientist. When I moved to the Pacific Northwest, I discovered a rich tradition of jewelry craftsmanship in the region and decided to follow my dream to live fully with my creativity. The practice of creating jewelry allows me to explore several aspects of my personality. I nourish my aesthetic obsession by sculpting space and volumes while honoring my scientific interest in body adornment and its effect on the mindset.  If a piece of jewelry can give a woman strength and confidence, then I want my work to empower as many women as possible!

My creativity is driven by my curiosity. I enjoy exploring all kinds of techniques, from traditional jewelry fabrication to wax carving to 3D modelling and so on. Each new collection, each new piece of jewelry, is a wild new adventure! It’s a piece of my story and I hope that it will soon inspire yours!