Carnations - Earrings III

Artist: Carolina Andersson
Materials: copper, enamel, sterling silver and brass screws gold plated
Dimensions: ear wires 60 mm earring width: 30mm

Artist Statement: The Yukata fabric I choose inspired me to try something new. I have been thinking about using enamel in in my pieces for some time, to add color. This fabric with its luscious blue and other bright colors was the perfect excuse to make something new and totally different from my usual work. I was experimenting and playing until I started to like the results. It was a fun experience, and I am quite happy with my new creations. My hope is that others will like and enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.

Artist Bio: Carolina Andersson is originally from Sweden. She started making jewelry a long time ago when she lived in Milan, Italy. She now lives in the Pacific Northwest and sells her work in a few galleries in the Seattle area. She loves making jewelry, all her pieces are hand fabricated, and most are one of a kind.

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Fabric Motif: Carnations are a symbol of love in Japan. They are often given as gifts to close family members, especially to mothers on mother's Day

This piece was part of the Yukata Inspired 2024, a collaborative exhibition between Okan Arts & Danaca Design featuring metalwork and collage. Learn more and view the entire collection HERE.