Ikebana- Basket earrings

Artist: Molly Epstein
Materials: sterling silver, stainless steel
Dimensions: 2.5"x 1.25" x .05"

Artist Statement: The basket drawn on the Yukata fabric I had been given was so elegant - it stole my attention over all else about the fabric. I relocated to Austin, Texas a year and a half ago and am still settling into my new life. Seattle was my home for 16 years. I decided that I would use scraps from works made in Seattle to stitch together a basket form that became these earrings. A basket is meant to hold things, and while these particular earrings do not physically hold anything, they hold my history, and my memories.

Artist Bio:  Molly Epstein received degrees in Metals and Jewelry from Tyler School of Art (BFA 2002) and from the University of Washington (MFA 2008). Throughout her life, her work has been driven by a deep interest in the physical manifestation of emotional pain. Recently, she has relocated and is renovating an old horse stable to be her studio space in Austin, Texas.

Fabric Motif: Minimalist floral design in Japan is a structured system known as ikebana. Ikebana symbolizes the beauty of the natural world working in harmony.

This piece was part of the Yukata Inspired 2024, a collaborative exhibition between Okan Arts & Danaca Design featuring metalwork and collage. Learn more and view the entire collection HERE.