Featured Artist - Double Feature

We're featuring TWO gallery artists this week! View their complete collections by clicking on the links below.

Jennifer Forland was born in Astoria, Oregon and grew up in Poulsbo, Washington. She has been making art for pretty much as long as she remembers - drawing, printmaking, pottery and photography at North Kitsap High School followed by a minor in photography at WWU in Bellingham. She got her start with metal crafting at North Seattle Community College when she took a class from Dana Cassara and began incorporating metal work into her repertoire. She is inspired by whimsy, nature and human relationships - all which show up in her varied works.
View more of Jennifer's work HERE.

Sema Kentel's designs take their name from the word “mihanikî geçen, which means 'spontaneously' from Greek to Ottoman Turkish. The 'imperfect' journey of this word from Greek to Ottoman Turkish is echoed in Mihanikî Designs with draw from 21st century Istanbul to ancient times. Handmade jewelry inspired by the simplicity and imperfection of ancient times before everything was mass produced.
View more of Sema's work HERE.