Jump Rings, Sterling Silver RND 10pc

Jump Rings, Sterling Silver RND 10pc


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ade from tempered wire, this sterling silver jump ring is easy to close and solder, resistant to marring, and strong. Our proprietary technology makes every jump ring bur-free and consistently sized, with a flush bypass to prevent tangling in the bag.

Use it to attach components such as drops, charms, or clasps to your designs. If you require a permanent closure, please solder at the joint.

Each package contains 10 jump rings.

Available in two different sizes:
Option 1: 18GA - 3.5mm
  • Gauge: 18 ga.
  • Inside Dimension: 3.5mm (0.138")
  • Outside Dimension: 5.5mm (0.217")
  • Net Weight: 6.097g (0.215 ounces)

  • Option 2: 22GA - 4mm

  • Gauge: 22 ga.
  • Inside Dimension: 4mm (0.157")
  • Outside Dimension: 5.2mm (0.205")
  • Net Weight: 4.886g (0.172 ounces)

  • Both Options: 

  • Style: Jump ring
  • Shape: Round
  • Metal Type: Sterling silver
  • Metal Color: White
  • Purity: .925
  • Fabrication Method: Machined
  • Quality Marked: No