BORE™ Jeweler's Drill Bit Organizer and Dispenser (Assorted Colors)


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This Jeweler’s Drill Bit Organizer and Dispenser will hold all your jeweler’s HS drill bits or as they are referred to as (High-Speed Drill Bits), it has 32 compartments that are labeled with the sizes of the drill bits, from #80 all the way to #51. 

It also has one compartment labeled as “Mixed Sizes” for when you find that single drill bit and do not know what size it is, or you do not want to put it back with the new drill bits! The last compartment is to close the container and have all the drill bits safe and secure.

The opening on the side of the container is to allow the user to see if there are any jewelry drill bits inside the compartment.

The First set number is the drill size, the second is the thickness in millimeters.

This device is designed to carry an industry-standard jeweler’s High-Speed drill bits and NOT the 3/32" shank drill bits also referred to as #203.