Julianne Van Buskirk

A wall of picture windows makes up almost the entire south side of my silver smithing studio, through which I have a panoramic view of forested mountains and mesas. The high desert Southwest is a diverse and dramatic landscape and has shaped the way I see and move through the world. It manifests in almost every aspect of my life, including the jewelry I make. I began working in silver and stone a bit more than a decade ago, and found this art form to be the right balance of challenging, engaging and expressive to satisfy my creative drive. Jewelry was a natural draw for me because of its sculptural quality and small scale. My current work consists mainly of abstract explorations that honor nature through form, texture, contrast, depth and movement. My pieces often feature hollow forms to create depth and space, and feel a bit untamed, a touch wild. Like the landscape that inspires me, my work evolves as through it I invite others to share in my reverence for our natural world.