Laurel Nathanson

Laurel picked up a torch 35 years ago, at the age of 15, and that sealed her destiny. After attending art school for college where she studied jewelry/metal arts, she then went to a graduate program in the field. Laurel has taught workshops at jewelry conferences across the country and she has written many articles for jewelry magazines. In addition to her jewelry business, she is also a high-school shop teacher, shaping young minds and hands into competent jewelers and sewists. Laurel lives in a purple dollhouse in Oakland, California with her two pups, Bonnie and Bailey. In addition to being obsessed with jewelry techniques and materials, she also has a passion for textiles, especially Japanese techniques such as Shibori dying and Boro mending. When not creating, teaching or walking her pups, Laurel can be found where ever there is an 80’s night dance party.