Die Forming and Chasing for Multiples and Hollow Forms

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Die Forming and Chasing for Multiples and Hollow Forms
Instructor: Nancy Megan Corwin
June 9-11, Friday - Sunday, 10:00 – 5:00

Class Fee: $590 | Materials Kit Fee $15 (payable to the instructor) | Material notes

Class format: In Person

Prerequisites:  Some familiarity with basic metal techniques, such as annealing and sawing. 

Class Description

Die forming is an exciting and simple way to make three-dimensional multiple forms from sheet metal that can be representational or abstract. In this workshop students will learn to use the hydraulic press and non-toxic PVC hand-hammered dies to create the raised parts.
Then, using pitch (pine resin and non-toxic additives) as a support for the die-formed element, you will add surface textures and shallow relief details through the processes of chasing and repoussé for a design that is entirely unique to you. You will come away with two or more dies and lots of die-formed pieces that you can continue to work on after the class ends.

Copper will be the material of choice for these samples you will make in class, but those with prior experience in chasing and repoussé should feel free to work in silver.

Materials INCLUDED:

  • Three pieces of 22 gauge 3”x3” sheet copper for producing samples.
  • Use of studio tools including small pitch bowls, some chasing tools, and chasing hammers

    Students MAY Bring:

    • I recommend that you bring whatever chasing and repoussé tools and equipment you may own, especially if you have a chasing bowl larger than 6” across. However, this is not required as I will bring chasing tools for use by students in class and the studio does have small chasing bowls, and basic chasing hammers.
    • Additional sheet metal (copper, brass, silver)
      You will want at least 6 squares of 3”x3” sheet metal for the class, or more depending on how many die-forms you want to make. Extra metal can be purchased in the studio, and/or, bring your own. There is a sheet metal shear in the studio. I recommend that you bring a larger sheet to cut down for class use in case you would like to make something bigger than a 3”x3” square. (Please do NOT bring your personal supply of sheet metal to cut for use at home. This shear is for class use only!)

    Material KITS Include:

    Die making materials and supplies to make dies. The price is dependent on how many dies the student wishes to make and the price of materials at the time of the class. Please be prepared to pay a minimum of $15, which should cover two pieces of 4”x4”x1/4" cast acrylic sheet for use in the hydraulic press, and a 4”x4”x1/4" piece of non-toxic PVC sheet for hand hammered dies, plus a special saw blade for cutting the PVC sheet plastic. More die material will be available for purchase for those of you who would like to make more dies in the future. 

    Instructor Bio:

    Megan Corwin lives and works in Seattle, Washington. In 1983 she received her MFA in Art Metals at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she studied with Eleanor Moty and Fred Fenster.

    Since leaving her position as Head of Jewelry and Metals at the University of Oregon-Eugene in 1994 to have a child, Megan has been teaching workshops and credit classes in metals around the United States. Her area of expertise is chasing and repoussé, and she is currently writing a technical and gallery book on the subject to be published by Brynmorgen Press, Portland, ME in 2009.

    Megan has one-of-a-kind jewelry and metalwork in many private collections around the United States and in the following: The Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England, Washington State's Tacoma Art Museum's permanent collection and in the State University of New Mexico Art Gallery at Las Cruces Gallery's permanent collection.

    Megan is represented in Seattle, WA at Facere Jewelry Art Gallery. View her work at www.nancymegancorwin.com.

    What students are saying:

    "Megan provided a warm and inviting presence to our class. We were all essentially beginners with this technique and she was. patient, gaging her instruction based on what we were able to take in at the moment. Plenty of work time with lots of demos. Great class! Hope she teaches another one!" -Annette Campbell 8/22 


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