Smart Practices in Gold and Silver

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Smart Practices in Gold and Silver
Instructor: Ryan Gardner
March 8-10, three-days, Friday - Sunday, 10:00 - 5:00
Class Fee: $590 | Materials List

Class format: in studio at Danaca Design

Prerequisites: Intermediate to advanced level. Students must be comfortable with soldering and basic metalsmithing practices.

In this workshop Ryan will show you the ins and outs of working with gold and silver, combing them in ways to maximize look without killing your budget. Ryan will start by showing how he creates his own bezel wire in silver and gold. He will demonstrate making all silver and gold on silver bezels. He will also demonstrate making tube settings for accent diamonds. Ryan will show students multiple ways of making ring shanks including his three-layer rings with a textured center. This workshop will also get into fabricating different connections for adding clean articulation to your work as well as some tips for adding gold design elements to elevate your work without breaking the bank.

Materials INCLUDED:

  • Flux
  • Silver solde

Students MUST Bring:
Below are the materials for the demonstrations I will be doing. I understand gold is expensive and I am putting the minimum amount needed, if you would prefer you can do everything I will be demonstrating with just silver.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the materials or tools listed below.

  • 2” 16 Gauge 22K gold Round Wire
  • 4” 18 Gauge 18K gold Round Wire
  • 4” 20 Gauge 18K gold Round Wire
  • 1” 1mm Outer Diameter Light Wall 18K Gold Tube
  • 1” 2.5mm Outer Diameter Heavy Wall 18K Gold Tube
  • 22K Easy Gold Solder
  • 18K Med Gold Solder


  • 12” 14 Gauge Sterling Silver Round Wire (available in studio store)
  • 12” 14 Gauge Sterling Silver Square Wire
  • 12” 1.8mm Sterling Silver Tube
  • 2x2” 20 Gauge Sterling Silver Sheet (available in studio store)
  • 12” 16 Gauge Fine Silver Round Wire
  • 12” 18 Gauge Sterling Silver Round Wire (available in studio store)
  • 12” 20 Gauge Sterling Silver Round Wire (available in studio store)
  • 12” 20 Gauge Argentium Silver Round Wire
  • Hard, Med, and Easy Silver Solder (available in studio store)


  • Small to Medium sized cabochons (available in studio store)
  • 2 mm diamonds or CZ’s (available in studio store)
  • Any stone you have questions about


  • 200 grit Sandpaper or Sanding Block (available in studio store)
  • #68 Drill Bits
  • Saw Blades (available in studio store)
  • Ultra-Thin Separating Disc
  • Screw Mandrel (available in studio store)
  • Separating Disc (available in studio store)
  • Snap On Sanding Discs and Mandrel (available in studio store)

Students MAY Bring:

(these items are all available to use in the studio or purchase in the studio store)
  • Jewelers Saw
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Half Round Pliers
  • Flat Nose Pliers
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Small Ruler
  • Center Punch
  • Tweezers
  • Baby Bezel Mandrel
  • Ring Mandrel
  • Raw Hide Mallet
  • Planishing Hammer
  • Shears
  • Files

Instructor Bio:

Participation in the arts was always important to me growing up. A strong arts program in high school influenced my decision to pursue a degree in the arts. I chose the arts program at Bowling Green State University in northwest Ohio where I discovered and fell in love with metals. I was introduced to many artists, including Michael Boyd, who became an inspiration for me. Upon graduation I apprenticed for Michael Boyd at his studio in Colorado. That experience turned into an eight year adventure that continues today. It was with Michael that I learned to work with and manipulate stone, adding a new element to my love of jewelry design. Since being in Colorado I have started my own business, Ryan Gardner Designs. I now showcase my work in galleries across the country. I love working with combining stone and metal in new ways creating works of art for people to enjoy in their daily lives. 

Learn more about Ryan, click HERE.

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All students must fill out and electronically submit the Danaca Design COVID-19 Studio Safety Protocol and Waiver form before attending class.