Blue Moon Over Mountains

Tory Herford

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Artist: Tory Herford, Washington
Materials: sterling, blue topaz
Size: 8
Dimensions: 1x1x1

Artist Statement: The mountains in this ring were taken from the texture of a natural crystal, and cast via the lost wax casting method. The blue topaz is rose cut and set upside down to give it a mysterious twinkle. This ring is ADJUSTABLE and has a very comfortable band suitable for a range of finger sizes.

Artist Bio: Tory Herford was raised in a rural environment, and spent countless hours observing and interacting with the wonders of nature. Tory’s work involves nature or natural themes, with an emphasis on organic forms and textures. Considering herself more a sculptor than a jeweler, she often works directly from natural or found objects, taking them out of their original context so that they can be experienced in new ways.

Watch a video of this ring HERE!

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