Vicky Zomenou

Vicky Zomenou, originally from Greece, studied Jewelry Design & Making for 12 years before moving to the Seattle area. There, she started Porpe Artifacts studio to escape from her corporate life and pursue what she loves most. Her work tends to be sculptural, combining unexpected materials with metal in a striking contemporary design. But equally important are the stories that inform her collections. She loves creating inspiration notes, or intentions, that frame each of the collections. Often, these intentions center around creating a live interaction between the piece and the person who will eventually wear it. “I want every piece to call out someone specifically, helping them express their individuality.”
Finally, she believes in creating quality, ethical works of art using recycled sterling silver and USA-sourced materials.
"When I have the finished jewel, my hope is that whoever wears it will feel equal parts beautiful, modern and distinct! I really hope you will find a special jewel in Porpe’s collections to connect and make it part of your story."