Chrysanthemums - Blossom Earrings

Artist: Anne Wolf
Materials: sterling silver, kuroshibuichi, shibuichi, copper
Dimensions: 1.375" wide x 2" high

Artist Statement: Both works are made using mokume gane - an ancient Japanese technique that uses layers of fused metal to create unique, multi-colored patterns. First I created the mokume gane billet - 28 layers of alternating sterling silver, kuroshibuichi and copper. Then, I patterned the billet with my own handmade chisels, forging the pattern back flat after chiseling. When complete, both pieces were patinated using the Japanese patina called rokusho.

The restrained 2-tone indigo and white chrysanthemum fabric immediately reminded me of mokume. I wanted to keep the dark foreground color, and recreate the blossoms using my mokume chisels. The lines were also a big part of why I like this fabric - linear structure, but variation and imperfection within that structure. The earrings were a further play on the theme of blossoms - using the foreground color for the blossoms this time, and creating a more varied but still linear background.

Artist Bio: Anne Wolf has been teaching jewelry/metalwork classes and creating custom mokume-gane wedding rings, jewelry and one-of-a-kind metal art objects since 1991. She earned her MFA in Jewelry/Metals in 1999 at San Diego State University. After ten years of teaching part time (jewelry/metals and art history) at various colleges in California, she opened her own studio and school - Anneville Studio.
Wolf has been a SNAG presenter, and taught workshops at venues such as Idyllwild, Mendocino, and Metal Arts Guild Georgia. She has had her work shown across the U.S. and in international venues such as the Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus in Hanau, Germany and the Tsubame Industrial Materials Museum in Tsubame, Japan.
She currently teaches both online and in-person workshops on all aspects of mokume gane.

Fabric Motif: Historically chrysanthemums could only be worn by the imperial family. At the end of the 19th century that changed with the opening of Japan. This multi-petal flower represents longevity and rejuvenation. It is also a symbol of Fall and the harvest. As an auspicious motif, the chrysanthemum appears as a decorative element on everything from textiles to ceramics, as well as on Japan's 50 yen coin.

This piece was part of the Yukata Inspired 2024, a collaborative exhibition between Okan Arts & Danaca Design featuring metalwork and collage. Learn more and view the entire collection HERE.