Carolina Andersson - Tulip Mania (For the love of Tulips)

Yukata Jewelry Show 2022

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This piece was part of the Yukata Jewelry Show 2022 exhibition. Learn more and view the entire collection HERE.

Artist: Carolina Andersson
Materials: sterling, 23k gold, gold and silver foil, tourmaline, rubber cord
Dimensions: W45 mm H 35, 16' Rubber cord

Artist Statement: Tulip mania was a period during the Dutch Golden Age when prices for some bulbs of the recently introduced and fashionable tulip reached extraordinarily high levels. It is considered to have been the first recorded speculative bubble in history. So, for the love of tulips, my love and maybe yours - I created this neckpiece with a few tulips in a bubble, with no speculation. Enjoy!

Artist Bio: Carolina Andersson is originally from Sweden. She started studying metalsmithing in Seattle, WA, then moved to Milan, Italy, 2003-2007 where she studied at an institute focusing on the technical aspect of silversmithing as it has traditionally been practiced in Italy. She is showing her work in select galleries in Seattle. Carolina’s work combines the precise workmanship she learned during her stay in Italy with essential contemporary designs inspired by her exposure to Scandinavian and East Asian styles. Her favorite technique is keum boo, a traditional Korean gilding technique in which pure gold foil is applied to silver using heat and pressure. One of her most treasured tools is her rolling mill, which she uses to roll out her own 24K gold foil for keum boo, to make sheet metal, and to create textures on metal sheets.