Jane Pellicciotto - Flowing Clover

This piece was part of the Yukata Jewelry Show 2022 exhibition. Learn more and view the entire collection HERE.

Artist: Jane Pellicciotto
Materials: sterling silver
Dimensions: 1.125 x 2.75 inches

Artist Statement: I love the asymmetry, small pops of color and contrast of dark and light in my fabric. There are also multiple design motifs going on. My challenge was to honor the pattern while also making pieces that align with my own work style, which meant letting only one or two parts inspire my design. I didn't want to fit too much into one piece. For the Flowing Clover earrings, I zeroed in on the coffee-bean shaped bush clover. I instantly pictured an elegant pair of earrings using only this shape, and cascading down as if flowing in a breeze. The subtle grid-like surface pattern on the silver hints at the crosshatching and grid of dots in the fabric pattern. For the Swinging Fans earrings, I combined the crosshatched cloud-like shape with two of the accent colors. I wanted to suggest with the gradient the slightly blurred look of the pops of color in the fabric. The earrings hand from a tiny fan shape.

Artist Bio: I make mixed-material jewelry for design lovers. I use contrasting and asymmetrical elements not just to create interest, but to highlight our inherent contradictions and imperfections. The urban environment is an endless source of inspiration—from stacks of industrial materials to paint-splattered walls to where nature meets the built world. I’m a second-career artist/maker after 30 years in graphic design, and live in Portland, Oregon. I still work with clients, dig in my garden, teach people to make pasta and sell my jewelry in galleries, at shows and online.