Fredia Flowers - Tulip

Artist: Fredia Flowers

Materials:  copper, sterling silver, rubber, leather
Size:  3 3/8" x 2"

Artist Statement: I had been wanting to work with hollow form construction and the fabric immediately inspired me to create a tulip using hollow form techniques. As I was making the piece, my thoughts kept moving forward to spring 2021 when the tulips will be in bloom and 2020 will be behind us.

Artist Bio: As long as I can remember, my creative medium of choice has been fabric and thread.  I have spent many hours learning from my mother and grandmother, sewing clothes, quilting, crocheting and embroidery.  In recent years, I have discovered a new passion, metals. My metalsmithing teachers along the way have encouraged a "can do" attitude opening my horizons to many techniques that I am excited to develop.  I can't wait to see where this creative journey will take me next.