Battle of the Rings 2024

The 2024 competition is now complete.




Walkthrough of the Battle of the Rings on YouTube:

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2024 Champion Ring | Star Rise, Star Fall


Artist: Christopher Gerber, Washington
Materials: sterling silver, cz (ring) - brass, wood, sterling silver, felt (base)

Artist Statement: So much of the natural world fascinates me, but the night sky is far and away what leaves me most in awe. As the passing of the day drapes the forests and mountains in shadows, the enchanting and silent movement of the sky overhead always brings about the strongest sense of wonder. Echoing this movement in this ring, a gentle brush of your finger will bring the shimmering stars into view. As these points twinkle and arc across the sky, another brush of your finger whisks them away, off to hide behind the landscape until you once again feel the desire to sink into the heavens and let your mind wander in the cosmos. Nestled within a stack of hand-cut and engraved layers, the stars are but one piece in the simple yet complex landscape.
A matched stand offers a modest home for the ring when not being worn. Its' warm hues and soft textures compliment the cool, crisp aspects of the ring itself, and offering another reference to how simple, yet complex, the world around us really is.

Artist Bio: Christopher Gerber is a bench jeweler and maker practicing in Wenatchee, WA. The wild spaces of the PNW have always served as a source of inspiration and motivation to Christopher, both in and out of the studio. As always, he loves pizza and long strolls through the woods, picking up rocks in the mountains, petting moss, and exploring the paths that look like they've been long forgotten.


Representing Team Shanks: Nicole Ringgold

Nicole Ringgold is a self-taught silversmith living in the North Cascade Mountains in Washington State. She received her BA from Wittenberg University in Sociology and Studio Art, and her MA in Art Therapy from Antioch University.

For 3 years after earning her BA Nicole served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Niger, W. Africa where she met her husband Derek. They chose an intentional lifestyle in which to raise their daughter Cymone, key values including maintaining a small footprint, sustainable gardening, outdoor recreation, and community involvement.

Until 2014 Nicole worked as the director of various non-profit organizations. After losing their home and her art studio to a wildfire in 2014 she resigned from her most recent directorial role and devoted her time to perfecting her skills as a silversmith.

Since 2017 Nicole has taught her self-discovered techniques to over 1000 students both in her personal studio and around the globe.


Representing Team Mandrels: Ryan Gardner

Participation in the arts was always important to me growing up. A strong arts program in high school influenced my decision to pursue a degree in the arts. I chose the arts program at Bowling Green State University in northwest Ohio where I discovered and fell in love with metals. I was introduced to many artists, including Michael Boyd, who became an inspiration for me.

Upon graduation I apprenticed for Michael Boyd at his studio in Colorado. That experience turned into an eight year adventure that continues today. It was with Michael that I learned to work with and manipulate stone, adding a new element to my love of jewelry design.

Since being in Colorado I have started my own business, Ryan Gardner Designs. I now showcase my work in galleries across the country. I love working with combining stone and metal in new ways creating works of art for people to enjoy in their daily lives.


BATTLE of the RINGS, otherwise known as the RING SMACKDOWN, is a head-to-head, tournament style, single-elimination juried competition and virtual event with a top prize of $500: 64 selected by two jurors drafted into teams as selected by the jury and paired into matches for competition.

Matches are posted daily for exactly 24 hours, to our Instagram story for public vote. Each ring may win up to three points in a single match. One is given to the winner of the Instagram poll, two additional points are given by the jury. The ring with the most points advances to the next round. All selected rings will be posted to our Instagram and FB feed and are available to purchase through our online gallery and Danaca Design Gallery Showroom in Seattle. 


One submission per artist 

The ring must be an original design created by submitting artist 

The ring must not exceed 4x4x4 inches 

The ring must fit fingers between sizes US 5-10 

No restriction on the nature of material used or shape within above parameters. 

All selected rings must be available for purchase through Danaca Design Gallery, 50/50 split; for the duration of the tournament. 

All selected rings must be shipped to Danaca Design and the artists will be responsible for return shipping if the ring does not sell. 

The retail price of the ring must not exceed $1,200 

Sliding scale entry fee, pay what you can $15-$30 


Competition/Show Dates: March 4-29, 2024 

Jurors: Nicole Ringgold and Ryan Gardner