STATE│meant is a show of Significant and Powerful Jewelry. It is an opportunity for jewelry artists to speak out on challenging subjects and raise money for organizations significant to them. Subjects range from immunization and global climate change to immigration rights and the post office. The statements are in the form of necklaces, brooches, bracelets…there is even a tiara. Our jurors, moved by the eloquence of the submitting artists, select work for both its strength in messaging through design and the clarity of their written statements.

The selected work is on view and available in our online gallery through mid-November. A minimum of 50% of proceeds from each sale will be donated to the organization of the artist's choosing. Below is a list of donation beneficiaries. Please click on the links for more information.  Furthermore, each piece will compete on Instagram for best in best in show as chosen by popular vote. Tune in to @danacadesignstudio for daily postings. The winner will be announced November 4, 2020.

Our esteemed jurors: Keith Lewis and Nancy Megan Corwin

Coming Soon! Exhibition opens Thursday, October 15.