LOBES : Love of Beautiful Earrings - Invitational Earring Show!

LOVE OF BEAUTIFUL EARINGS, our first ever earring centric show features teachers and students from the Danaca Design studio classroom alongside jewelry artists from across the country. With over 100 fresh pair in the gallery, you are sure to find the perfect earrings to celebrate your humble earlobes. Seems you can never have too many pair of earrings and they do make some of the best gifts!

This exhibition is now archived. View the entire collection HERE.

November 11-December 24, 2022

Participating Artists:
Andrew Cohen
Andy Cooperman
April Ottey
Barbara Knuth
Carolina Andersson
Christopher Michael Gerber
Cynthia Toops and Dan Adams
Dana Cassara
DeAnna Puls
Erica Miles
Fredia Flowers
Izak Anderson
Jane Drucker
Jane Pellicciotto
Jennifer Wang
Jera Lodge
Juan Reyes
Julianne Van Buskirk
Karen Earl
Karen Keller
Laurel Nathanson
Louise Perrone
Lynn Latta
Maia Leppo
Maru Almeida
Mayann Alguire
Melissa Cameron
Michael Creighton
Michael Nashef
Michelle Zeidman
Micki Lippe
Nancy Bonnema
Nancy Hom
Nina Raizel Hartman
Rachel De Nys
Ronda Miller
Ryan Gardner
Sarah Puls
Tegan Wallace
Tory Herford
Vicky Zomenou
Virginia Causey
Yuko Tanaka