STATE|meant 2020 SIGNIFICANT & POWERFUL Jewelry - Call to Artists



The submission form for this event is now closed. The exhibition opens on October 15. 

STATE│meant is an opportunity for you to speak out on challenging subjects and raise money for an organization of significance to you. Speak up! with a powerful piece of statement jewelry. Two jurors will select work for this important show in six categories: brooches, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and headpieces. Selected work shall be sold in our online gallery in support of the non-profit organization of the artists’ choosing. Starting in mid-October, each piece will compete on Instagram for best in category and ultimately best in show. The competition will be by popular vote with the winner announced November 4, 2020. Make something new or submit an older piece.

These are unprecedented times…got something to say about it? Now is your chance!

Our esteemed jurors: Keith Lewis and Nancy Megan Corwin



-One submission per artist

-The object must be an original design created by submitting artist

-The object must not exceed 8” x 8” x 8”

-No restriction on the nature of material used, however it must be designed to  wear.

-The object must be for sale: 50% of each piece will go direct to the organization of the artist’s choice, 25% to the artist, 25% to the gallery.

- All selected objects will be for sale in our online gallery for the duration of the event. Danaca Design Gallery will process all sales.

- The retail price of the object must not exceed $1,600.00 USD

- Artists are responsible to provide professional quality images of the work for jury and for the online gallery.

- Artists will be responsible to drop-ship sold work to purchasing party

- Suggested entry fee of $10-$25


Submission Deadline: October 5, 2020 
Artist Notification Date: by October 15, 2020
Competition/Show Dates: October 15-November 3, 2020