All-Rounder: Stone Setting Intensive for Round Faceted Gemstones

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All-Rounder: Stone Setting Intensive for Round Faceted Gemstones
Instructor: Kirk Lang
February 20-24, Monday - Friday, 5 days, 10:00 - 5:00
Class Fee: $850 | Tool Kit Fee: $180 -$240 (estimated)

Class format: In studio at Danaca Design

Prerequisites: Basic metalworking skills such as sawing, filing and soldering are required.

Hone your round faceted stone setting skills with one of our most popular instructors in this 5 day intensive workshop. This technical class will explore a variety of setting styles and their respective applications with a primary focus on prong, flush, bezel, channel and basic bead setting of round faceted gemstones. In addition to learning each style, this class will also cover stone setting theory, gemstone characteristics, how to make setting tools and designing with round gemstones in mind. Students should expect to leave class with 3-5 rings incorporating each of the setting styles. Basic metalworking skills such as sawing, filing and soldering are required.

Students MUST Bring:

  • Sponge (to be cut into small squares)
  • Small metal container for sponge (like Altoid tin)
  • Bic lighter
  • Bulb blower (for camera lenses) or small can of compressed air
  • Selection of sawblades (#2/0, #2 or anything in that range is fine) (available in studio store)
  • Pin Vise capable of holding 3/32 bur shanks (available in studio store)
  • 10x magnification loupe (available in studio store)
  • Digital calipers or brass slide gauge (brass available in studio store)
  • Silver solder

Students May Bring: (These Items are all available to use in the studio but you are welcome to bring your own. Many are available in the studio store!)

  • Chasing hammer (available in studio store)
  • Hand file (medium coarseness) (available in studio store)
  • Set of needle files (available in studio store)
  • Replaceable tip divider (available in studio store)
  • Double tip carbide scribe (available in studio store)
  • Chain nose pliers (available in studio store)
  • Flush cut snips (available in studio store)
  • Fine tipped tweezers to hold small stones (available in studio store)
  • Visor w/magnification (optivisor or equivalent) (available in studio store)
  • GRS Benchmate with inside ring holder or Graverblock with inside ring holder (available in studio store)
  • Set of Cup burs (available in studio store)
  • Set of setting burs (available in studio store)
  • Set of round burs (available in studio store)
  • Set of fine cut heart burs
  • Flat graver (sharp with ~2mm wide tip)
  • 4” or 6” Digital Calipers
  • Soft bristle toothbrush

Material KITS Include:

  • (3) domed brass ring blanks
  • (1) 4.5mm brass band
  • (2) 3mm flat sterling band
  • (1) 4mm flat sterling band
  • (1) 6mm comfort fit sterling band
  • (3) 5mm round 4-prong heavyweight basket setting
  • (3) 4mm round tapered bezel setting
  • (15) 2mm CZs
  • (3) 4mm CZs
  • (3) 5mm CZs
  • (3) flex shaft screw mandrels
  • (3) beading tools
  • Beading tool handle
  • 3 sanding drums of different grits (320, 600, 800)
  • 1.6mm cup bur
  • 3.3mm fine cut hart bur
  • 4.5mm fine cut hart bur
  • 5mm fine cut setting bur
  • 4mm setting bur
  • 2mm setting or hart bur
  • 1.8mm round bur
  • 1.8mm cylinder bur
  • 1.6mm 3/32 shank twist drill
  • 3/32 shank 1mm twist drill
  • 303 stainless burnisher segment
  • Felt wheel
  • End brush
  • Brush wheel
  • Knife edge pumice wheel
  • Square edge pumice wheel
  • Sticky wax

Instructor Bio:

Kirk Lang is a Seattle based Artist, Metalsmith and Educator. He holds a MFA from the University of Washington in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts and a BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art in Jewelry & Metals. Kirk has taught regionally and nationally at the University of Washington, North Seattle College, Pratt Fine Arts Center, Danaca Design, Lillstreet Art Center and Penland. His work can be seen in such publications as MJSA Journal, 500 Metal Vessels, 500 Necklaces, 1000 Rings and Metalsmith Magazine. In 2012, he was awarded an Artist Trust Fellowship and Artist Trust GAP Grant. In 2014 he had a solo exhibition at the National Ornamental Metal Museum in Memphis, TN and in 2016 was selected to participate in the Bellevue Arts Museum Biennial titled Metalmorphosis. Most recently, he received a 1st place Saul Bell Design Award in the Alternative Metals/Materials category. Recurring themes in his work include time, space and mythology, in the form of wearable and interactive sculptural objects.

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All students must fill out and electronically submit the Danaca Design COVID-19 Studio Safety Protocol and Waiver form before attending class.