Andrea Rios - Serenity Ring

Artist: Andrea Rios, Colombia
Materials: 24k gold-plated bronze, silver, Swarovski ceralun, Swarovski crystals
Size: 7.5
Dimensions: 3,5 cm x 6,5 cm x 4,5 cm

Artist Statement: In a small universe of nature, a very small bee called "Serenita", arrives in search of pollen, quiet and very hardworking this little bee loves to cross the gardens looking for her food, without realizing that we depend on it to live. This ring is an ode to our natural space, a small part of what happens every day that is often imperceptible In our eyes and that, if we look closely, this could be happening in front of you, here I represent the daily work of the black bee "Angelita", Little Black Angel as we call it in my country, friend of insects that surround her, she flies among the plants and finds that flower that It will give life and in turn connects a chain of pollination essential for the diversity of the world's plants, vital for the existence of the human being.

Artist Bio: I am Andrea Rios Yunda, I am an industrial and jewelry designer, but above all a Colombian entrepreneur, with my family we created our jewelry brand called Cinq chats. In our workshop we make jewelry mainly using the filigree technique and we develop designs inspired by the biodiversity of our country, where color, textures and manual work are of vital importance in our creations, which are born from a set of ideas that include reflections, memories , ancestral and contemporary influences from art, culture, places, people and mainly the magic of nature, all together with the inexhaustible influence of the five cats that are part of our lives and inspire us to create each piece of jewelry through the skills of our goldsmith hands that make each idea come true.

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