Anna Neiblum - Armor

Artist: Anna Neiblum, Pennsylvania
Materials: copper
Size: 7
Dimensions: 2”, 1”

Artist Statement: “Armor” is meant to represent the methods of protection women are forced to use in their everyday lives in order to stay safe. The shape of this piece is an homage to the point of keys held between one’s knuckles. The hollowness of the ring makes it lightweight and wearable, functional as a defensive tool. I wanted the matte patina to be dark and rough to convey the ugliness and uncertainty of fearing for the safety of your body. The need for armor is borne from human cruelty and violence. I wanted this piece to restore empowerment to women, allowing for autonomy and self-determination in the protection of themselves.

Artist Bio: Anna Neiblum is an undergraduate student participating in Tufts’ 5-Year Dual Degree program with the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA. She enjoys playing with notions of shape, femininity, and function in her work. She is the owner and founder of Tightly Wound Jewelry on Etsy, and dreams of creating jewelry full time as a career.

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