Anna Newell - The Pale Blue Dot

Artist: Anna Newell, Montana
Materials: sterling silver, fine silver, star sapphire
Size: 8
Dimensions: ring face 1.8" x 1.8" x 0.19", band is tapered from 0.42" to 0.63"

Artist Statement: Inspired by Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot speech and the Golden Record. Star Sapphire representing earth, the pale blue dot, at the center of a spinning pulsar map — the very complicated binary map depicting the 14 known pulsars (spinning neutron stars, hence the spinning action) sent aboard both Voyager probes in the Golden Record. A map to our sun, a map to us. The Golden Record is comprised of information about earth - maps, photos of humans/animals/landscapes, music, the sound of rain and crickets, whale greetings (with the thought that they may make more sense to aliens than to humans), a page from a book, anatomical diagrams, art, the sound of a kiss... It’s really the most profoundly romantic thing I can think of. In short - it’s a guide to human life should aliens ever intercept Voyager. Wildly moving to see life as we know it wrapped up in a handful of photos, a few sounds, numbers, and symbols that we have made up, with the intent that something, somewhere, someday... might be able to figure it all out. What would you include in the golden record?

Artist Bio: Hi, friends! I’m Anna, the metalsmith behind Sable Stone - a self-taught, one woman run business based in Whitefish, Montana. I grew up in small town Ohio where a love for rocks, fairytales, flora + fauna, and all things outdoors was cultivated early on. After completing a degree in Soil Science and a few stints on sustainable farms across the country I found myself in Northwest Montana. Here I spend summers working as a hydrological/fisheries/soils technician, fly fishing, mushroom hunting, hiking, and rafting. Aside from skiing, the off season is when I’m able to reflect on inspirations and turn them into metal. I’ve never been a fan of traditional jewelry - I’ve always preferred a rougher, natural, not-so-perfect look. When I was younger, I’d adorn myself with things found in the woods, the field, or on the beach, coming home with pockets full of rocks more often than not. Shark teeth necklaces and feather earrings were among the staples. Sable Stone is an evolution of that style - organic, dark, inspired by nature’s subtle imperfections, but still pretty and whimsical.

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