BATTLE of the RINGS 2023 Show Catalog

Battle of the Rings 2023

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BATTLE of the RINGS 2023 Show Catalog

This 41-page, full color catalog documents The Ring Smackdown 2023, all 64 competing rings, and 3 alternates, shown from three angles along-side the original statement from each artist. Additionally you will find a guide to the bracketed competition structure and information about this year’s jurors.

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One month of NON-STOP EXCITEMENT! Battle of the Rings is an annual event with a fervent following around the globe.

Born April 2020, in response to the global pandemic: BATTLE of the RINGS, otherwise known as The Ring Smackdown is a juried jewelry competition like no other. 64 magnificent rings, meet virtually, head-to-head, in a tournament style, single-elimination competition with a cash prize.

Rings are paired judiciously by theme and style and photographed identically to level the playing field setting the stage for what can only be called, a series of “impossible” choices.  Multiple matches each day make for a fast paced and brutal competition. Each morning we ask the public to, “VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE”!  The tension builds as favorite rings both rise through the ranks and fall by the wayside in tragic defeat.

But this is much more than a competition, it is a discovery festival for both jewelry artists and jewelry lovers; a playful and interactive event, where bonds are forged. With no boundaries other than the love of rings, artists from far reaching ports and find themselves in the same boat, showing off for the world in an effort to be crowned, CHAMPION!

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One Ring to Rule Them All; May the Best Ring Win!