Cherry Blossoms

Yukata Jewelry Show

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  • Materials: sterling silver, 24 K gold, rubber cord
  • Finish: oxidized
  • Dimensions: 47 mm wide

The Yukata Jewelry Show

Artist Statement: "Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must hold silent about" - Wittgenstein.
And who can speak of cherry blossoms, and what they say about eternity and impermanence? Therefore, this statement is a short one.
Originally from Sweden, I studied jewelry making in Italy and in the US. My designs are inspired by my Scandinavian descent and by the strong impression that Asian art has made on me.
My pieces are fabricated entirely by hand. I alloy and roll out the metal and foil for my pieces in my studio. The technique used to produce the gold patterns in this piece is Korean and is called Keum boo. In this piece I used two different colors of foil: 24 K gold and an gold-silver alloy for contrast. The pattern on this pendant is inspired by a beautiful Yukata fabric with flowers.

Artist Bio: Originally from Sweden, Carolina Andersson has studied jewelry making in Italy and here in Seattle. Her work is created from sterling silver (often oxidized) and keum-boo, a Korean technique for fusing a very thin layer of gold to silver. Of making jewelry by hand, Carolina says, “Doing every step of the process by hand gives me a sense of connection with the places and the people that have practiced this art and handed down their techniques through time.