CLASS SUPPLY KIT: Introduction to Filigree Jewellery Workshop

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Class Supply Kit $75

Introduction to Filigree Jewellery Workshop

These items will be provided in your material kit. You will have enough of everything to make the workshop pendant as well as at least one or two more filigree items.

Included in the kit are filigree wire and frame wire that has been prepared for you. Those who do not have a rolling mill will have enough of these “Instructor Prepared” Items to complete the workshop pendant without the need for a rolling mill.

Also included in the kit are two pairs of tweezers and a solder application tool which are yours to keep.

Kit will include:

  • Tweezer Style 00
  • Tweezer Style 3
  • Solder Application tool (Modified for you by Instructor)
  • Paste Solder – enough for several pendants
  • Fine Silver wire 26 Ga
  • Fine Silver wire 20 Ga
  • Filigree Wire 26GaF0.4 Not Annealed 1 meter, Prepared by Instructor
  • Filigree Wire 26GaF0.25 Annealed, 0.6 meter, Prepared by Instructor
  • Sterling Silver wire 16 Ga – Rolled to 16GaF0.9 by Instructor and not annealed
  • Sterling Silver wire 18 Ga- Rolled to 18GaF0.7 by Instructor and not annealed
  • Jump Rings 20 Ga 4.6 mm OD (3)
  • Bezel Cup Round 10 mm Fine or Sterling Silver
  • Carnelian Cabochon Stone 10 mm round (stone type may vary)
  • Materials for Filigree Bail
    • 20 Ga Sterling silver wire flattened for use (SS 20GaF0.45x1)
    • 26 Ga Fine Silver wire prepared as filigree filler