Constantinos Papadoukas - Segregation I

Artist: Constantinos Papadoukas
Materials: sterling silver
Size: 6
Dimensions: 30mm x 23mm

Artist Statement:
As Aristoteles states, only a beast or a god can be delighted to live in solitude. Sacred Spaces is a series of sculpture – jewelry that was galvanized during the COVID-19 quarantine. However, the tranquil arches inspired from various religious temples and repetitive custodial rails explore further notions.

The enforced isolation has forced us to an introspection, one that came unexpectedly and without perhaps the required emotional provisions to encounter, are we thus eager to escape from seclusion or an inner aloneness.

Niche has added or in a way contrasted Aristoteles’s statement that a philosopher or a person of spirituality, can only through isolation reach enlightenment, enhancing the aspect of contemplation. It is within these two states - contradictions that Sacred Spaces emerge, creating a sense of welcome and confinement at the same time, direction and senses entangled, fragile bodies yet unassailable.

Artist Bio:
Currently residing in Athens, Greece and having studied Fine Art – sculpture, I have always been intrigued by the metaphors of the Arts. As an educator I aim to provoke students into expressing their inner feelings and proceedings through their work.
As a result throughout my career as an artist I have tried to find ways to communicate notions and states that are evident but neglected in our modern, fast paced societies. These are diverse, varying from the destruction of the environment to the dehumanization of the self. In the early works this was mainly achieved through large scale metal and wood sculptures, spaces the viewer was a part of.
Over time the scale has been reduced, the concepts distilled to finer ideas, intimate pieces that can be worn, convey their message through their symbolism. Tactility is also of importance as is the juxtaposition of materials, exploration through wearing, animating the inanimate. The viewer becoming a part of the piece.

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