Diagnostic Earrings: Negative

Artist: Louise Perrone, student
Materials: used Covid test, lycra, beads, sterling silver
Earring Type: hook, dangle
Dimensions: 7 cm x 2.5 cm x 0.5 cm

Description: Louise Perrone’s Diagnostic Earrings are titled Negative, Positive, and False,
referring to the possible results of the rapid antigen Covid tests that she has
shrouded in monochrome lycra and embellished with beads to create this
After becoming familiar with these medical devices during the pandemic,
Perrone was struck by the gravity surrounding the throw-away objects that
hold the possibility to grant or deny freedom. The somber color palette,
unusual in her work, reflects the solemn nature of the plastic armature
that promises “fast and reliable results for travel, business or reassurance”;
however, Perrone’s transformation process is slow. After covering the sterilized test in lycra, the device window his used as a loom to weave tiny glass beads into test strips directly
onto the earrings. Next, additional beads circumscribe the oblong forms,
obscuring the hand-sewn stitches suturing the broken tests. Finally, the
specimen hole is pierced and riveted, allowing a wire to pass through and
attach the piece to the body.

These earrings are part of LOBES: An Invitational Earring Show on display in the Danaca Design Gallery Showroom November 11 - December 24, 2022. Shop the entire collection online HERE.