Emanuele Cannoletta - Rollercoaster

Artist: Emanuele Cannoletta
Materials: silver, amethyst
Size: 5-10, adjustable
Dimensions: h 2,16; w 3,15; d 1,57; band 0,23 (inches)

Artist Statement:
The idea behind this work is closely related to the concept of fun.
In everyday working life it is often difficult to reconcile creative flair and imagination with the needs and tastes of clients.
Often we find ourselves having to filter our ideas to adapt them to fashions and designs influenced by the market.
It often happens that we drag along these mental patterns even when trying to shape something purely experimental, allowing it to contaminate our vision.
The Rollercoaster jewel was therefore born with a talismanic function aimed at arousing a visceral and uncontaminated memory useful to allow us to let ourselves go to the creative flow.
The feeling of adrenaline and fear linked to the memory of rollercoaster rides is intended to animate the joy of indulging in something overwhelming in order to shake off the filters and restrictions.

Artist Bio:
Born in Sanremo, Italy, in a family of goldsmiths and jewelers, I graduated in architecture from the University of Genoa and obtained a Master in Urban Design from the UB University of Barcelona, Spain.
During my studies I approached the world of sculpture and I began to perceive the need to have a more direct contact with the material and with the birth of its shape, disconnecting myself from mere design.
I obtained a professional degree from the LAO goldsmith arts academy in Florence, since 2015 I have been conducting my personal workshop of bespoke artisan jewelry where I try to involve customers in the re-discovery of the charm of creative craftsmanship with the aim of restoring the emotional and totemic meaning of the jewel intended not only as an accessory.
By combining contemporary aesthetics with millenary techniques, I try to act as a tool for the revaluation of traditions in today's perspective.

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