Flight Earrings

Artist: Heather John

Materials: sterling silver

Dimensions: 3" long

Beneficiary: Equity is not uniform. Every community has different needs. Equitable Giving Circle was created to address this fact. So often, giving between the nonprofit community and those who need support is transactional. The processes and proof can sometimes feel prohibitive and take too much time. We are a community of people committed to creating peer-led, community-funded, transformational change. Our work aims to build immediate and increased equity throughout Portland’s BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) communities through a combination of fund development and network building opportunities that center economic equity." I recognize the privilege of having a home and garden to safely spend my time and energy in. Contributing money to EGC is one way for me to pay reparations to the BIPOC community.

Artist Statement: When lockdown first began, I envied the birds outside my windows. Their flight. Their freedom and ability to go on about their lives as usual. Since then I have continued to work diligently to restore native habitat to my back yard, attracting more birds and other species of wildlife. They bring me hope. They remind me that life continues. And that we are all connected and need one another, that we need to care for one another. For those fierce little hummingbirds and tenacious juncos, I am grateful.

50% of the sale of this piece will be donated to the beneficiary listed above.