Giddy Up

Artist: Andy Cooperman, teacher
Materials: sterling silver, gold, plastic toy, stainless ear wires
Earring Type: hook, dangle
Dimensions: 7cm long


Chickens. Just when I think I’ve crawled out of the soup they pull me back in. Maybe it’s their little heads or their tiny feet. Maybe it’s their scrawny necks…

It could be that they provide the perfect, improbable, foil-- a pun incarnate-- that when paired with fine materials and decent craftmanship, can give any object a fowl zing. I could say that they’re the epitome of shtick, that a tiny plastic chicken placed on the body can be a perfect little ambassador that breaks down barriers and initiates conversation.

 All this is true, but in the end, they bring a smile to everyone’s lips. And more often than not, that’s egg-xactly what we need.

These earrings are part of LOBES: An Invitational Earring Show on display in the Danaca Design Gallery Showroom November 11 - December 24, 2022. Shop the entire collection online HERE.