Gratitude for the night...

Artist: Rachael Jamison

Materials: sterling silver, moonstone

Dimensions: 20" chain

Beneficiary: Thurston County Food Bank

Artist Statement: Gratitude for the night...
The past 18 months has been a challenge for everyone. In addition to the challenges the pandemic has posed, I have been moving through my own personal transition and transformation. As is the case with any transformative time, there are growing pains, moments of darkness.
Walking through the soul's dark night has had challenges. I’ve had times I’ve wanted to tuck into my own little world and forget that anything else exists. There have also, of course, been moments of tender beauty and sweetness. But transformation is never without moments of darkness, of night. It is the nature of becoming new.
As daylight has been waning, the light in my soul has been emerging more boldly with each forward step I take. I am becoming more grateful for the lessons this night has afforded me. Of course, always easier to appreciate as the light is returning. But, what I am extending my gratitude toward nonetheless.
This piece was reflects the light and hope that exist in life’s shadows. All of the stars in the universe and the glowing moon emerging to illuminate a path toward this new day.
50% of the sale of this piece will be donated to the beneficiary listed above.