Jen Surine - Continuum

Artist: Jen Surine
Materials: Argentium silver, 14k gold, green tourmaline
Size: 8
Dimensions: 25mm tall, 30mm long, top 21mm wide, band 4.5-7.5mm

Artist Statement:
This ring was a new exploration- and a continuation at the same time, of my current work involving wire. Departing from my typical three dimensional Openwork forms, where the piece itself is made entirely out of wire that forms a structure, with this ring I embraced a new idea of layering with wire. This technique results in more of a texture or patterning on a flat surface. My metal work focuses on my fascination with the human brain and its ability to store and recall memories. The intricate connections of wires are a reflection of the delicate synapses and connections in our brains that house our memories. A fascination that began with my late grandfather’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

Artist Bio:
Jen Surine is a Metalsmith best known for her “Openwork” style jewelry, an aesthetic she has been developing for the past 10+ years.

Every piece is thoughtfully hand fabricated start to finish using traditional and non-traditional metalsmithing methods. The majority of her work is built out of wire, creating architectural and geometric “openwork” forms resembling a three dimensional, geometric webbing. These intricate and elaborate connections are a theme running through her work. All of these details come together to create jewelry with an overall ethereal quality.

Jen Surine, a native Michigander, is currently residing in Illinois outside of Chicago with her husband and two young sons. She graduated from Grand Valley State University in 2008 with a BFA in Art & Design and Emphasis in Metalsmithing.

This ring is part of Battle of the Rings: Ring Smackdown 2021, an online exhibition and competition. Shop the entire collection HERE, view the matches HERE, and learn more HERE.