Jen Surine - Convergence

Artist: Jen Surine, Illinois
Materials: Argentium silver, tourmalated quartz
Size: 8.5
Dimensions: L:34mm, w:20mm, h:32mm, band: 1.5mm

Artist Statement: The stunning, intersecting tourmaline crystals in Quartz are just the beginning of the convergence in this ring. Hand fabricated in Argentium silver, individual pieces were cut, formed, layered, and soldered together, resulting in an edgy, intriguing piece of sculptural jewelry. Here’s the thing, this statement ring is also a convergence of ideas and open ended interpretations. Whether you see nature, or sculpture, or something futuristic, whether it’s a compass to guide you while crossing paths, or a form of protective armor, or maybe it’s something fit for an ice queen or Wonder Woman… ultimately, this ring is a convergence of statements.

Artist Bio: In her home studio in a small town south of Chicago, Jen Surine hand fabricates contemporary jewelry. Wielding torches and hammers, Surine cuts and forms little pieces of wire, and bit by bit assembles one piece at a time to create a wearable piece of sculptural jewelry. She is best known for her “Openwork” style, a design process she has been developing for more than a decade. Jen loves to blend contradictory emotions and styles in her designs, like edginess and glamour, sculpture and ethereality, Art Deco and futuristic. The result is a piece of jewelry that connects with people on multiple levels and for different reasons. Connections are vital, from our relationships with others to the very structure and connections between synapses in our brains, we need them to survive. Surine began exploring connections in her work after her late grandfather’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis. “I became intrigued by the idea of connections, their importance, and how they create something bigger. I carried this idea into my work, utilizing all of these little pieces that connect to form something incredible.” Jen Surine, a native Michigander, enjoys spending time with her husband and two boys when she’s not in her studio. She’s a lover of sunny days, rock hunting, baking bread, and family walks to the local ice cream shop in town. Surine graduated from Grand Valley State University with a BFA in 2008.

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