Bobbie Marquette - Jo and Dexter Visit the Islands

Artist: Bobbie Marquette
Materials: Argentium silver, 14k gold, copper
Size: 6

Artist Statement:
Birds are my passion and inspiration, showing up on most of my jewelry creations. Living in Point Roberts, WA, a 4.8 square mile peninsula jutting out from Tsawwassen BC, Canada (yes, you have to drive through Canada to get here!), we are surrounded on three sides by ocean. The views from shore are captured in this multi layered story ring. Crows frequent the beaches looking for food, the island mountains form the backdrop and the sun sets over Vancouver Island in the distance while eagles soar overhead.
I love sawing and piercing metals! Creating layered and riveted vignettes in pendants, rings and brooches is my joy. Using Liver of Sulphur on silver, flame painting on copper and anodizing my titanium, I achieve bursts of color and depth, bringing each piece to life.