Juan Harnie - Gauze Ring

Artist: Juan Harnie
Materials: sterling silver 
Size: 6 to 6.5
Dimensions: height: 2,4 cm (0,94inch), height of the vertical part inbetween the fingers: 1,7cm (0,39 inch)

Artist Statement:
Designing this ring Juan used medical gauze to create an attractive pattern in the silver. Juan has always seen beauty in materials that have little to no aesthetical value to others. This material in particular is usually linked to unpleasant situations like hospitals and doctor visits, but now they are taken out of this context used to make jewellery.
Sterile medical gauze is used to imprint the silver. This medical gauze once again fulfils its original purpose: being worn on the body and thus soothing an inner ache.

Artist Bio:
Juan Harnie is a 27-year old jewellery designer/maker from Hasselt, Belgium. He studied architectural and interior arts in Brussels but the scale of the things he had to design troubled him. He liked to work on a small scale and where the smallest detail had a big influence on the piece. This is why he studied jewellery design at the MAD-faculty in Hasselt, Belgium where he could do his bachelors and masters degree. The use of materials, which aren’t normally associated with jewellery, is what fascinates him most.

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