Juliane Van Buskirk - Pearls of Wisdom

Artist: Juliane Van Buskirk, Colorado
Materials: recycled sterling silver, tourmaline, natural pearls, topaz, apatite
Size: 8
Dimensions: 30mm x 25mm, 13mm height, 10mm band width

Artist Statement: The design for this ring came to me as I reflected on my learning in the previous year. Many of the lessons I encountered were ones I had faced before (and thought, perhaps, that I had mastered though maybe with a twist or in a new context. As I stepped into these learning opportunities, often the learning was different; the challenges were easier to navigate, my tool box more full, and I was a quicker study. Why was that? The familiarity of the lessons? The tricks- pearls of wisdom- gleaned from prior efforts? A heart more open to the experiences? Maybe some of each. My ruminations formed as a visual- a spiral path ascending and continuous. This manifested in this pearl-studded spiral (those bits of wisdom we carry with us) tipped by an arrow of green tourmaline pointing the way forward. Green for new growth. Green - the color of the heart chakra- as a reminder to step forward in love.

Artist Bio: My story as a jeweler is a short one. My husband brought with him to our marriage (22 years ago) basic and old silversmithing tools. Of course, I wanted to learn how to use them. For years I dabbled. After leaving a career as a Montessori teacher about 10 years ago to follow my passion for making, I had time to immerse myself in learning jewelry making through the guidance and example of others, experimentation and play. My learning is constant and continuous, as I continue to shape my life as a artist-jeweler.

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