Kate Caswell - The Hare

Artist: Kate Caswell, Texas
Materials: sterling silver, 22k gold, freshwater pearl
Size: 6.8
Dimensions: 37mm x 31mm, band 6.7mm

Artist Statement: This hare, an animal traditionally associated with rebirth, presents to you a full moon embodied in a single round pearl nestled in a ringlet of 22k gold. It’s a tribute to remind you to celebrate the new beginnings that cross our path, cherish the beauty it presents and value the preciousness of a fresh perspective. Maybe you find your rebirth in a new job, maybe it’s a new love or possibly, it’s simply the new season. However it presents itself, may you remember to see the beauty of a new beginning and cherish the opportunity. Cheers to fresh starts!

Artist Bio: Kate received her BFA in metals from RIT’s School for American Crafts. Post graduation, life took her traveling which was financed by working in the commercial jewelry industry. Her last role in that mainstream world was as a model maker where she discovered the joy of working in wax. After a significant hiatus, she has since returned to the bench and is exploring wax carving through sculptural jewelry. She carves and casts her work in Houston, Texas.

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