Landscape XXVI

Artist: Matthew Cote

Materials: bronze, gilding metal, sterling silver, brass, leaded enamel

Dimensions: 3.25" x 4" x .5"

Beneficiary: The mission of the Newtown-Sandy Hook Community Foundation is to devote itself to furthering and supporting operations and activities which address the short-term and long-term unmet needs of individuals and the Newtown community arising from the tragic events at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012.

Artist Statement: A brooch that analyzes gun control in the Unites States, specifically surrounding the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy. The piece depicts the Connecticut landscape made of AR15 rifles, the rifle used in the tragedy, recast in bronze from plastic Lego AR15 rifles. The landscape is surrounded by the 26 hand-holding victims designed as paper-cut people, then enameled. A Sterling AR15 is placed over the area of Newtown where the tragedy occurred. Artist proceeds will be donated to Sandy Hook Community Foundation.