Lindsay Locatelli - Color Nugget Man

Artist: Lindsay Locatelli 
Materials: polymer clay, tin foil (inner structure), chipboard (inner structure), paint, mother of pearl
Size: 7.5
Dimensions: 2.75" tall, 1/8" thick (thinnest part of band) 

Artist Statement:
This ring has a sassy personality. With a tilted head, knobby arms and a glossy, speckled body, it's sure to be a conversation starter (and maybe some raised eyebrows). Additionally, this piece comes with its own display to rest on for those times you might need to be more conservative among your peers. It has the same texture and colors as the ring so one can enjoy the funky optical illusion of the two pieces "melting" together. Hang the set in your bedroom, or show it off in your entry way. In either case, this pairing is sure to add some excitement and whimsy to your life!

Artist Bio:
Lindsay Locatelli is drawn to creating wearables that are a result of experiments in color and textures. Many of her pieces have elements of story-telling; drawing inspiration from Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice or the Mexican folk style of Frida Kahlo. Other works express a feeling of place or points to familiar body gestures.

Locatelli’s processes are just as important to her as the final results. Each piece or body of work takes a considerable amount of experimentation and time, rendering work as one-of-a-kind. All pieces begin as solid colored clay, hardened into rough forms and then carved by hand. Once the work is carved, Locatelli finishes with various surface applications such as paint or gold leaf.

This ring is part of Battle of the Rings: Ring Smackdown 2021, an online exhibition and competition. Shop the entire collection HERE, view the matches HERE, and learn more HERE.