Maria Tucker | A Safe Home

Artist: Maria Tucker, Michigan
Materials: sterling silver, copper, enamel
Size: 7.5

Artist Statement: The ring depicts the national trees and flowers of Syria and Turkey. On the roof, “help!” is written in Arabic and Turkish. The word tulip is derived from the Turkish word for turban which the flower resembles. Tulips were first cultivated in Turkey as early as 1000AD. The national tree of Turkey is the Turkish oak, Quercus cerris. Arabian jasmine, Jasminum sambac, originated from the word Yasmeen, gift from god. It’s loved for its scent and in Syria represents love, purity, and feminine powers. Syria is well known to be the origin of olive trees, Olea europaea. They were first cultivated in Syria and Palestine 6,000 years ago. They are a symbol of peace, wisdom, life, and dignity. I would like my portion of the proceeds to go to Doctors Without Borders.

I used champlevé, wet packing and painting with overglazes.

Artist Bio: Maria Tucker has been making jewelry for over 20 years. She is also a landscape architect, natural dyer and painter. She took her first course in jewelry design at FIT and got hooked. After doing it on the side for many years, she is currently making it her main focus.

This ring was part of Battle of the Rings: Ring Smackdown 2023, an online exhibition and competition. View the entire collection HERE, view the matches HERE, and learn more HERE.