Mixed Emotions

Mixed Emotions

Artist: Nina Raizel Hartman

Materials: sterling silver

Dimensions: approximately 5x1x1cm 

Beneficiary: Planned Parenthood

Artist Statement: I try my best to be grateful every day. I know how lucky I am, and how much I have to be thankful for. I write in a gratitude journal every day. And it makes me feel happy and complete and satisfied and loved. But sometimes I just want to say “F you.” Cause that’s a real feeling too. We all have a bit of frustration at the world, boiling up right under the surface. And sometimes it’s nice to let it out. So I meticulously hand-cut each of these phrases out of sterling silver sheet. I soldered on earring posts and carefully assembled and polished them. They’re meant for people with double pierced ears. So they can show off the mixed emotions that we all feel.

50% of the sale of this piece will be donated to the beneficiary listed above.