Navah Langmeyer - Polka Dot Flower Ring

Artist: Navah Langmeyer, United Kingdom
Materials: silver, copper, enamel, glass seed beads, cubic zirconia
Size: 7
Dimensions: 1 5/8'' diameter x 1/4'' high, band width 1/4'' (note: adjustable size)

Artist Statement: Translucent green glass seed beads are fired onto an opaque yellow enameled copper dome, surrounding a sparkling cubic zirconia tube set in fine silver. The center gem is held in a textured, petaled sterling silver tab setting with a riveted silver band. The entire piece reflects light in various ways, making an eye-catching and colorful floral display.

Artist Bio: Navah Langmeyer took up metalwork and jewelry making at the Baltimore Jewelry Center in 2016, where she discovered her particular passion for enameling in the winter of 2019. Navah creates artwork with the colours, textures, and structures of enamels and cold connections, experimenting with techniques and methods in her minimal home studio. She’s inspired by her love for water, plants, gazing out her windows, and wandering around her home town (wherever that may be). As Navah’s skill and confidence have grown, her work has increased in scale and ambition. She regularly incorporates modularity and movement into pieces, thinking of jewelry as sculpture for both body adornment and display.

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